>  行政/人事/人力资源类,Office Manager


Asiallians Co., Ltd.
ASIALLIANS est un cabinet d’avocats inscrit au Barreau de Paris animant un réseau d’avocats avec une pratique reconnue du droit en Europe, en Chine continentale, à Taiwan, ainsi qu’en Afrique.

Depuis plus de 20 ans, les associés d’ASIALLIANS conseillent leurs clients en Asie et y ont développé une expertise durable dans tous les domaines de l’investissement à l’étranger. En marge de cette activité principale, nous avons étendu nos services aux pays africains.
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  行政/人事/人力资源类,Office Manager
招聘人数:1 是否兼职:全职
工作地点:北京 性别要求:不限
学历要求:本科及本科以上学历 承诺月薪:面谈
发布日期:2018-04-16 10:25:05 有效时间:三个月

This position is for a French law firm registered with the Paris Bar Association. The position is to be filled in the law firm’s Beijing office. The firm’s partners have been operating in Greater China for 20 years and advises its clients in the field of Foreign Direct Investment, as well as more specialized areas of expertise such as Intellectual Property, Distribution Law, Labor Law and dispute resolution.
I. Administration 
Tasks a) Liaising and communicating with lawyer, clients, and other staff for partner lawyers.
b) Dealing with telephone, faxes, post and email enquiries.
c) Ordering and maintaining stationery and equipment.
d) Organizing and storing paperwork, documents and computer-based information.
e) Arranging travel and accommodation for partner lawyers.
f) Provide administrative support to lawyer (such as assisting time registration in company system) and enhance office effectiveness.
g) Maintain contact lists and data bases.
II. Financial Tasks
a) Assisting with Invoicing Procedures and collection of fees:- Preparing and issuing invoices on our company system;- Collection of fees by sending reminders to clients and reporting to partners lawyers regularly.
b) Monitoring due invoices issued by suppliers:- Sending such invoices to partner lawyers for validation;- Registering such invoices and issuing such invoices to our clients;- Ensure our clients make the payments. Monitoring due invoices issued by suppliers;- Preparing the due invoices table and send to partner lawyers regularly.
d) Assisting partner lawyers in preparing all the accounting documents and financial statements of Beijing office in cooperation with the firm’s CPA.
e) Managing budgets for Beijing office under supervision of partner lawyers.
III. Legal Tasks (depending on the candidate’s profile)
a) Following legal cases under supervision of partner lawyers.
b) Legal research under supervision of partner lawyers.
c) Translating documents (English/French/Chinese) under supervision of partner lawyers.
d) Supports case advancement by preparing case summaries and reminders.
- University degree
- Native Mandarin, fluent in French and English
- A Finance/Accounting degree or previous experiences within Finance/Accounting is a plus